Jeff Jepson Music


Hey there! My name is Jeff Jepson (that’s Jeff with a J, Jepson with a J); I write songs, sing them, arrange and record them, and send them out into the world. I do this whenever I can outside of my day job, which is really a small sliver of my waking hours.
But I heard about Patreon, the subscription-based crowd funding platform, and it seems like the ideal solution to this time-problem: a solution which could allow me to spend infinitely more time creating much more music than I do currently, to which you, as a potential patron, would have elite access.

A minimal monthly subscription would give you the opportunity to grow my music catalogue exponentially, and in return I will reward you by writing and recording at least one new song a month, in a special Patreon-only mix. And if I’m feeling extra creative and produce more than one song a month, these too would be available for exclusive download at no extra cost. (By the way, I write a lot of songs, so you’re probably gonna get extras!)

On top of that, a higher tier subscription would yield monthly extras such as remixes, advance releases, demo versions of released songs, even pdf facsimiles of my original songbook pages, with crossings out and confusing chord charts!

I love the idea of Patreon, and I’d love to give you the opportunity to drive my creativity. So please if you haven’t already, check out my music and see if that’s something you’d like to help make more of.